The Boy Who Conquered a Mountain (2021)

The Boy Who Conquered a Mountain (2021)


A young boy, Kaleb dreams of death and destruction, to find a day later the village of Little Rock devastated, destroyed by fire. Thrust and spurred on the young fledgling is sent on a quest to discover what happened amidst the heartache, horror of his loved ones in the tragedy. But, disaster is just the beginning as something more terrifying lurks onward... This is an action fantasy Kaiju story set in 1600's Japan that centers around Kaleb; a young boy who loses his family, home and village to a tragedy and sets upon a journey to discover what happened. The night before he prophetically dreams of such a disaster and the village destroyed reduced to ash. Unknowing of the true source of the tragic event at the request of his ailing grandfather Kaleb flees the village to set forth and rescue missing children on the mountain.

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