Test Pattern: Jonathan Hickman Collection (2012)

Test Pattern: Jonathan Hickman Collection (2012)


In the five critically acclaimed series collected in this volume, Jonathan Hickman explores facets of one of humankind's oldest inventions -- war. TEST PATTERN includes: The Nightly News -- Members of a cult based on disastrous errors in news stories are willing to die for their cause as violence consumes the news media. Pax Romana -- Time travel enables the Vatican to change history -- but at what cost? Red Mass for Mars -- A larger-than-life hero in a post-apocalyptic Earth isn't sure if he's still human, but he is the only one who can save humanity. The Red Wing -- In future warier, the best pilots not only master their skills and aircraft but time travel as well. Transhuman -- Genetic engineering creates a new kind of soldier, while propaganda machines create a new way to market war.

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