T'Zee: An African Tragedy (2022-)

T'Zee: An African Tragedy (2022-)


T’Zee is dead… or is he? For this corrupt leader of a fictional African country near the Congo, it may be the end. His generals have abandoned him. The palaces he built on the backs of his countrymen are deserted or destroyed. His trophy wife harbors a secret passion for a man her own age, dangerously close to T’Zee’s orbit. But the old leopard has not had his last word. His claws are gone, but his mind is still cunning. And nothing is more fearsome than a wounded wild animal that smells blood… Born in Tunisia and raised on Réunion, author Appollo has made colonial history his specialty in his career as a comics writer. Here, with Brüno’s instantly recognizable art, he delivers a choral portrait of dictatorial decline, suffused with mysticism and multiple perspectives.

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