Six (2023-)

Six (2023-)


What do a one-eyed boy, a young prostitute, a deserter, a runaway slave, a defrocked nun and a renegade Indian have in common? Apparently, none. Nothing brings them closer. It was chance - and luck - that brought them together, because nothing brings them together. Nothing, except perhaps the quest for gold, the promise of a better life and a worthy future in the violent and wild American West of the 1850s. Kid, the young boy blinded during a attack that decimated his family, promised them "a mountain of gold" if they accompany him to the Black Hills, where he must recover a document of the utmost importance. With this first volume of a four-volume series that shakes up the usual western codes, Philippe Pelaez renews our view of the West! He places in the foreground characters usually invisible or confined to clichés, such as blacks, women and Indian warriors, in a breathless fresco and magnified by the expressive graphics of Javier Casado.

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