ROM and the X-Men: Marvel Tales (2023-)

ROM and the X-Men: Marvel Tales (2023-)


Rom meets the Children of the Atom as we celebrate the legacy of the House of Ideas with MARVEL TALES! During his classic adventures hunting the vile Dire Wraiths on Earth, Rom encountered the ever-Uncanny X-Men - and Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! In ROM (1979) #17-18, written by Bill Mantlo and illustrated by Sal Buscema, Rom and the X-Men are searching for the offspring of a Dire Wraith and a human, a creature known as Hybrid - which Cerebro has detected as a mutant! But as they clash over their target, Rom gets a taste of his own medicine courtesy of Kitty Pryde! Then, in ROM (1979) #31-32, the Galadorian hero battles Mystique's villainous mutant team - including future X-Men stalwart, Rogue - before teaming up with them for a rematch against Hybrid!

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